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Greetings from Takuma Hiraoka, President and CEO

Contributing to the automotive industry with sincerity and a challenging spirit, which allows us to achieve true happiness – Since its establishment in 1945, Taisei Shoukai has been making a substantial contribution to the Japanese automotive industry for over 72 years as a company trading genuine and high-quality auto parts.

Now we have several offices in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. However, we have been expanding our business in the other countries to meet request from customers particularly in Asia,
based on our policy "made in Japan products only".

Recently a rapid technological innovations in the automotive industry have been causing significant changes to the aftermarket industry. To sustain as a customer-oriented business, we will keep making an all-out effort to identify new value in the automotive industry by making proactive attempts in the midst of these accelerated changes in the market.

Corporate Profile

Company name Taisei Shokai Co., Ltd
Offices: [Head office]
274 Kotooka-cho, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture 670-0035, Japan Phone: +81-79-294-1172 / Fax: +81-79-297-1224
[Yamasaki Office]
155 Yamasaki-cho-nakai, Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture 671-2545, Japan Phone: +81-790-62-2233 / Fax: +81-790-62-2810
[Shingu Office]
895-3 Shingu-cho-inohara, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture 679-4315, Japan Phone: +81-791-75-3483 / Fax: +81-791-75-3483
President Takuma Hiraoka (President and CEO)
Capital 20 million yen
Business Import, export and wholesale of auto parts, equipment, grease/oils and tools
Main bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Major suppliers Toyota Buhin Hyogo Kyohan K.K.; Nissan Parts Hyogo Sales Co., Ltd.; Mazda Parts Hyogo Sales Co., Ltd.; Himeji Mitsubishi Motor Sales Group Co., Ltd.; Kobe Hino Motors, Ltd.; UD Trucks Japan Corporation; Kobe Isuzu Motors Co., Ltd.; AXESS Corporation; SPK Corporation; TMY Corporation; other dealers in small/large cars; overseas auto parts manufacturers
Major clients Automobile repair shops in Japan, gas stations, dealers authorized by automobile manufacturers, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Himeji Works, overseas buyers

Corporate History

2005 Established Overseas Division
1989 Opened Yamasaki Office
1988 Started a coin-operated car-washing business
1976 Opened Shingu Office
1966 The name Taisei Shoukai was changed to Taisei Shoukai Co., Ltd.
1945 Mitsuru Hiraoka (Founder of Taisei Shoukai Co., Ltd.) established Taisei Shoukai as a private company to start an auto parts wholesale business.

Head Office Access Map

japan japanese auto parts