japan japanese auto parts

Greetings from Takuma Hiraoka, President and CEO

Contributing to the automotive industry with sincerity and a challenging spirit, which allows us to achieve true happiness – Since its establishment in 1945, Taisei Shoukai has been making a substantial contribution to the Japanese automotive industry for over 72 years as a company trading genuine and high-quality auto parts.

Now we have several offices in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. However, we have been expanding our business in the other countries to meet request from customers particularly in Asia,
based on our policy "made in Japan products only".

Recently a rapid technological innovations in the automotive industry have been causing significant changes to the aftermarket industry. To sustain as a customer-oriented business, we will keep making an all-out effort to identify new value in the automotive industry by making proactive attempts in the midst of these accelerated changes in the market.


japan japanese auto parts