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Feedback from a client selling authentic Japanese oil on a private label basis

You can trust the quality of authentic Japanese products!
Despite high demand for products made in Japan, we used to distribute auto parts made in China, Vietnam and Taiwan to car dealers and repair shops.

At that time, a local company, an overseas office of a Japanese company, introduced me to Mr. Takuma Hiraoka. Takuma came to see me with samples at once.

I knew that most non-Japanese products sold in packaging very similar to that of Japanese-made products were inferior in quality and thus unreliable. However, I felt that I could trust the products supplied by Takuma because of the following: his business vision, and his policy of “dispatching auto parts made by Japanese in Japan, with sincerity from Japan.” This is why I started doing business with Takuma soon after our first meeting.

In addition, he made a suggestion about selling products in original packaging. The sale of reliable Japanese products on a private label basis allowed us, an auto parts trading company, to obtain brand equity. Furthermore, Takuma reliably responds to requests for quick delivery.

Takuma is fluent in business English, which enabled us to conduct negotiations smoothly.


japan japanese auto parts