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Inquiry and Request for Samples

Do you have any concerns about purchasing our products even though
after going through our website?

Taisei Shoukai is the best at fulfilling expectations from all type of customers such as auto wholesalers, auto parts dealers and repair shops who wish to please their clients by using high-quality parts.

■If you are keen to use Japanese-made products to respond to requests from clients…

■If you wish to check the quality by ordering samples…

Then contact Taisei Shoukai! Our mission is to provide better products for automotive companies around the world. Making customers happy through Japanese products is my lifework. I'm proud of myself on having provided many clients with satisfaction over the years.

Please don’t worry. We already have many customers worldwide and they introduce new clients to us one after another. So I often travel around the world to meet clients.

Once we receive an order, we deliver totally reliable Japanese-made parts at reasonable prices faster than any other company!

Needless to say that we always keep our clients satisfied. Furthermore, I am confident that we can provide car owners with peace of mind through our sincerity and hospitality.

Taisei Shoukai Co., Ltd. aims to be the world’s most reliable supplier of Japanese-made auto parts. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome any inquiries you may have.

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japan japanese auto parts